Victory in Wake County Superior Court

Over a year and a half of misery and harassment ended when attorney Judy Tseng of the Wake Law Office won a jury trial in Wake County for her clients. In the case Reverend John A. Page v. Ma, attorney Tseng represented a real estate investor who was sued for defamation after putting up a sign in front of her own property. Attorney Tseng also represented the client in another case involving her real estate corporation, which was consolidated together with Page v. Ma, suing the client's neighbors for nuisance and trespass. About a dozen witnesses were called, including Raleigh police officers, expert, surveyors, and prominent downtown Raleigh real estate developers. Ms. Tseng successfully defended her client against the defamation claim and won on the nuisance and trespass claims. Most importantly, Judge Paul Ridgeway granted her motion for a permanent injunction to prohibit the Pages from trespassing, posting signs, and interfering with the client's ability to sell her property.

Ms. Ma stated after the trial, "Thanks, Judy. You did a great job in court. Thank you so much for your hard work on this case. I appreciate your very professional work and am very excited to let everyone know that we won the case. I could not have won this case without my attorney, Ms. Judy Tseng. She did a fabulous job on this case."


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