At the Wake Law Office, we know our business exists because of our satisfied clients.  Here are some comments we have received from our former clients.  Names are not included to maintain confidentiality.

"You're not like my old attorney.  He never told me what was going on in my case.  You always call me and see how I'm doing.  Thank you."

"Thank you for being so honest about my case and taking the time to drive out to meet me."

"Thank you for meeting me and my husband after hours to talk about my worker's comp case.  We really appreciate the time and attention you gave to my case."

"Thanks so much for your time!  I really appreciate your patience. I feel much more comfortable with my understanding of [my legal issues]."

"We experienced great enthusiasm and warmhearted representation in your help to our church's case. May God remember all you have done for us and bless you, your family and your business. The Lord works wonders through wonderful people like you. Thanks for all you've done!"

"Just wanted to thank you for handling my divorce. Your advice and encouragement got me through this very difficult time."

"I can't thank you enough for your support and help in my civil trial and since then."

"It's so nice to have you as my attorney."

"None of the other attorneys I called would take my [housing discrimination] case.  Thank you for standing by me."

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with my case.  The case would have been dismissed if it had not been for the fact that you were representing me.  Also, I enjoyed working with you."

"I appreciate your assistance and frankness regarding this situation.  The agreement was very well done, as was your advice and representation."

"Thank you so much, Judy!  Let me know if you need a testimonial or letter of recommendation for your services." 

"You really went above and beyond in helping my daughter, visiting her in the hospital and bringing her food.  She thought the world of you.  I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends if they ever need a lawyer."

"My husband and I hired Judy Tseng's Wake Law Office to fight a very stressful, three year long ordeal with a difficult neighbor, who filed a false complaint against my husband for money owed. To start with, I was impressed with how accessible Ms. Tseng was throughout. I also felt as if my case was as important to her as it was to me. Two other law firms I consulted told me we needed to settle a price with the guy and get rid of the matter, even though we did nothing wrong. In fact, we felt ripped off by the neighbor, so my husband and I would not sleep well knowing we settled. Attorney Tseng wanted details of our case and listened. I was surprised she never mentioned settlement at any point. She believed in our cause and didn't believe we should settle. More importantly she wanted to help us fight our case. She did not throw it to a legal assistant. She could have told us to settle to make her job easier because in retrospect our case, compared to most, was mediocre (except to us). Instead, she offered confidence that we were being wronged. That was huge that she believed in us, which only seems to happen in the movies. We felt respected. She let me vent but was good about redirecting me to what was really relevant. She kept things positive day of court, which was very helpful to me because I was a ball of nerves, and most importantly, she won our case. The ridiculous lawsuit against us was dismissed, and we didn't have to settle. I will highly recommend this law firm. I never had to speak with a receptionist or wait longer than a few hours for a call back. In the end, attorney fees were paid, however there is a lot to be said for attorney fees well spent. We would have to pay them to someone regardless, and other attorneys advised us to pay a settlement on top of it all.... Judy was interested in our position and confidently led us to fight the accusations. She never once believed we should settle, and she was correct!"


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